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Thames River, London, UK

Mark Angelo recently returned to England to paddle the section of the Thames through greater London. Mark has traveled the river many times and he first paddled the Thames with his now wife, Kathie, 45 years ago. On their first trip down the river all those decades ago, the Thames was largely a dead river due to extensive pollution problems. But after a massive effort to clean it up, the river has since recovered to a remarkable degree. The lower river now teems with fish where there were few not that many years ago. While there is still work to be done (and local groups such as Thames 21 are doing remarkable things), the recovery of the Thames highlights the fact that, if you do the right thing, we can in fact turn things around. As Mark has stated many times, we should never give up on any river. (image – Mark Angelo paddling on the Thames in central London).

About Mark Angelo

Mark Angelo, CM OBC hails from Burnaby, British Columbia and is an internationally-celebrated river conservationist, writer, speaker, teacher and paddler. He is the founder and chair of both BC Rivers Day and World Rivers Day, an event now embraced by millions of people in more than 70 countries. Now retired from teaching, Mark was appointed as the inaugural chair of the Rivers Institute at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and prior to that, was the long-time head of the Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program at BCIT. Mark has received the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada (his country's highest honour) in recognition of his river conservation efforts over the past four decades. Among his many other awards are the inaugural United Nations Stewardship Award and the National River Conservation Award. In 2009, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Simon Fraser University for his river conservation work both locally and globally. Mark has paddled close to 1000 rivers around the globe, perhaps more than any other individual.

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