Plan your own event


There are many types of activities that you can plan for your Rivers Day event. It is best to choose events that utilize local expertise and resources and which address local interest , customs and issues. World Rivers Day celebrations can range from a single event, like a paddle down a creek or a clean up of a creek section to a local festival with many events and features. If you are planning a large event, it is a good idea, where possible, to provide several types of activities that appeal to all ages and interest groups.


One of the best ways to gain local support and participation is to involve many groups and organizations from the community.

Contact local schools, government, hospital foundations, local businesses and interest groups such as birders, paddlers, daycares, art societies, music societies, heritage societies, recycling societies, and environmental groups. Contacting and enlisting the help of a variety of groups will help your event to diversify and it will, as have many others, evolve into not only a celebration of local river heritage, but a celebration of your community and its connection to rivers and the environment.

In Canada, the local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start if you are looking for contacts and groups to work with in your community. In other countries, try your local government, church, community centre or schools for a list or direction to local groups and individuals that may be interested in working with you to create a local World Rivers Day event.


To make the day a success, you will need to develop an organized plan and list of things to do.  We have included a PDF document to assist you in your event planning. The document includes a task list and an appreciation certificate for your volunteers.  Please feel free to modify these for your own event.

Several things to consider

Where will the event or main event be held? Will you need maps? What kind of access and amenities does the site provide? If the weather is poor, is shelter available?

How many will you need?  What do you need to provide to ensure they can find the site and that they understand their role and jobs?  Do you have certificates to acknowledge and thank them?

Safety and Liability
Are your site and activities safe?  Will you need to consider liability and if so, can a local agency provide it for you? Do you need to have an ambulance or medic on site?


To promote your event, contact your local newspaper and ask them to do a story on your event. You can also send out press releases to local media notifying them of the event and of the groups involved and activities planned for the day. To have your event included in the World Rivers Day event updates, please send us an email and include event location, details and contact information.

Post the World Rivers Day poster with reference to your own event at local businesses or community centres. Schools, churches, local community groups and neighborhood parks are all great places to promote your event. Just be sure to pick up and recycle your flyers after your event is over! Download Poster

Radio, the internet, and television are also great mediums for promoting events and to bring attention to local rivers, issues and green initiatives along the river.

Visit the Outdoor Recreation Council website to see examples of events and to view a list of activities by region.

Contact us is you wish to add your event to a World Rivers Day update.